Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Near Miss Day

So I wanted to come back and post another quick tidbit about a random holiday that most of you do not know much about or maybe you don't know anything about it at all.  Its called Near Miss Day and I just found out about it today from my handy dandy calendar in my kitchen.  This day commemorates a day from March 23, 1989 where a mountain sized asteroid passed within 500,000 miles of our lovely planet Earth.  This asteroid would have been equal to the strength of 40,000 hydrogen bombs and would have created a crater in the earth the size of Washington D.C.!  I cannot imagine the impact that would have had on the world as we know it!

The reason I knew about Near Miss Day was because I was going to write about fitness week which I did and I wanted to see what random holiday was listed on my calendar and it was "Near Miss Day."  It felt very fitting after the day I've had however the "Near Miss" that the actual Holiday is referring to is a whole lot bigger than my near miss today at work.  SO I shall explain about my near miss experience.

My near miss experience happened after lunch today...As I was walking down the hallway towards my classroom I hear a great ruckus (yelling, cursing, the brewing of a fight)... and I come around the corner and find myself in the midst of an altercation between two peers and had to intervene.  And it was a Near Miss that I didn't get punched in the face (although it was rumored that I got punched in the face)!  My wrist is hurting a bit and I was kind of pushed into the lockers but it was ultimately a Near Miss and I am quite thankful for nearly missing getting punched in the face.

After the altercation I had an insane amount of adrenaline coursing through my body.  I was shaking all over just from the adrenaline!  I was not hurt or anything but it was just such an insanely surreal experience!  After my near miss and my adrenaline high my body just crashed...I had a headache, could not focus, and was so so so tired.  So after coming home and napping for an hour and a half I am feeling much more bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I am hoping for a very uneventful day tomorrow and since it is National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day I think I will be celebrating with some Raisinets!!!  Cheers for a delightful day tomorrow!!! 

Fitness Week

So this week has been fitness week at the high school I am stationed at!  There are quite a few exciting activities going on for fitness week that I would love to share!!!  First and foremost is that all teachers and staff are allowed and encouraged to wear "fitness" clothing during fitness week!  So that means tennis shoes, sweat pants, and sweat shirts as opposed to dress pants, sweaters and uncomfortable shoes!  So that made picking out my outfits much easier!  :-)  The second thing is that there is a staff wide pedometer challenge and each of the staff members who wants to participate are given a grade that they are walking for and they have to report their steps at 3:30 to the PE teachers so they can tally them up!  I was absent Monday however Tuesday I got 12,479 steps and today I had 9,166...I know I'm slacking today.  I am walking for the Sophomore team!  One of the teachers has been using her planning period to go running and has been killing us all on steps this week!  Yesterday she had over 18,000 steps and today she beat her record from yesterday!  That is just insane!!! More power to her!  Anyways, other activities this week include kickball tournaments, hockey tournaments, basketball, yoga, dance lessons, Wii games, walking on the track, and Zumba!  Today was the Zumba workout and let me tell you it is quite a workout!!!  I decided to give it a try and those little ladies doing the instructing shook things that I didn't know could shake!  I have absolutely no rhythm and cannot move gracefully at all so I ended up looking like a flicted stringbean...all arms and legs flying around without any rhythm...Needless to say it was tons of fun and totally amusing!  Another exciting thing was that the culinary arts class made a "healthy snack" for all of the students at the school!  I got one of the extras and it really was fantastic!  It was granola with raisins, cranberries, and nuts!  So fitness week has proven to be a great hit thus far and my students have had a great time!!!  I know I've enjoyed it!!!  Tomorrow I am excited to be wearing my old life-guard t-shirt...I'll have to reminisce my life-guarding days at a later date... I don't have the energy for that today! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Give me your eyes

This song has really been convicting me lately that I need to love others unconditionally and that I really and truly need to pay more attention to those around me!  There are tons of hurting people out there and I see so many of them on a daily basis!!!  Now I just need to practice it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glorious Sundays

After a dreary week today was such a beautiful day!!!

I wanted to spend time outside but felt the need to do my paperwork... J encouraged me to spend some time outside with Fonzie while he washed the cars SO I decided hey an hour of this sun shiny day could do my heart good!  So outside I went with a blanket and a book to settle down and supervise Fonzie while he was playing!  I decided to only spend an hour reading so that I could also get some paperwork done!  I was very engrossed in my book and did not want to put it down and felt that according to my watch I had plenty of time for paperwork!  It was only when I realized that I forgot to set my watch back an hour (daylight savings fun fun) that I realized I had no time left, we had to leave in an 30 minutes for Church and due to my lack of supervision of the Fonzie he also needed a bath!  So that left no time for paperwork!  I must say it was really nice to just relax in the sun under a blazing blue sky and read! 

My View

Rolling around in the leaves...

Completely Covered in leaves!

 Can't wait to see leaves up there!!!

Enjoying the sunshine!!!
If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.
Frank Lane