Monday, February 21, 2011

Wonders of the Weekend!

So the weekend was fabulous and not quite long enough!!!  Today was supposed to be a holiday for our school system however due to the amount of snow days we've received, we had to make it up today!  So no fun!  Thankfully it was a pretty laid back and relatively easy day at work!  As a side note- I've started wearing a pedometer to see how much I walk around school and at the end of the day I had over 11,000 steps and was at 5.4 miles!  That's just in and around the school AND two of the kids that I normally work with were not at school today so only imagine if I had two more kids to run after???  The PE teachers have a contest and whoever walks the most at the end of the week the others have to buy that one lunch...however they told me I wasn't allowed to join their competition because I already had like double their steps/miles! 

This weekend was quite great!  We went to dinner on Friday night at this lovely renovated plantation house and it was magnificent!  We had a wonderful meal of Root beer braised pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, bourbon corn pudding, and this apple sauce that had red pepper in it which was an explosion to my taste-buds!  It was this wonderfully sweet, warm cinnamon apple sauce and then after it was in your mouth you tasted the red pepper and it was this explosion of flavor!  Magnificent! 

My Saturday started off bright and early!  I got to spend time with my best friend who was in town to get some things accomplished for her wedding and I feel it was a very productive day!!!  We almost finished her wedding invitations which are lovely!  We have a bit more to finish but it shouldn't take much longer!  While we were finishing the invitations we realized that we did not have enough paper so we had to make an impromptu trip to the closest Michaels for some more supplies!  While out and about we decided to do a bit of shopping and we ventured into Anthropologie (it was my first time)!!!  I cannot believe that I've never been to this store before!!!  It was great and I found so many things that I would love to have but I'm really trying to be good and not much...and considering Anthropologie prices are not exactly up my alley I didn't purchase anything...Maybe next time I shall find something on sale!!!  We also went into Belk and I got some new shoes, which I did get majorly on sale because they only had one size left and it just so happened to fit me!!!  After our shopping escapades we then picked out flowers for the wedding and then back to my best friends parents house to finish the invitations and I tried to make boutonniere's and corsage's (practice rounds for the big day)!  Some pictures are posted below of my first attempt....I have to say I am pretty proud!!!

We were also able to get yummy coffee, take a few pictures on the dock, visit with her family, and talk talk talk!  It was really great!!! I am looking forward to the day when she will be close by so that we don't have to wait for months at a time to visit with one another!!!  On her next visit we will completely finish the invitations, I will address them in calligraphy and then we can focus on other wedding related things!!! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking to the positives...

So I've been quite negative for the past few days and negativity doesn't suit my persona very much!  So I am going to try to overcome that negativity with five positive things about this week!!!

1.  I went to a marriage conference this past weekend at my church and it was phenomenal!!!!  It was called The Art of Marriage and was hosted by Family Life!  It was truly a wonderful experience and I feel that my marriage really benefited from going!  Not only did I learn a lot about marriage, I felt that I was able to connect more with my hubby on a more intimate and spiritual level!  It was really great!!! 
2.  My best friend Di is coming to town on Friday night and I could literally squeal I am so overwhelmed with excitement!!!  We are going to be doing all the things that I absolutely love....crafts (making wedding invitations), wedding related stuff (looking at flowers), chatting about anything and everything, getting amazing coffee and maybe taking some pictures!!!  Its going to be so much fun!!! EEK!!!
3.  We are celebrating Valentines Day on Friday night and are going out for dinner with another couple!  I get to dress up and wear my cute red silk dress!
        (As a side note we did celebrate Valentines Day by ourselves on Monday night and the hubby brought me home a dozen red roses and I made him a wonderful home cooked meal of Chicken Cordon Bleu, white rice, a cream sauce, green beans, and rolls!  I was hoping for a nice romantic meal and I even thought about lighting some candles however while I was putting the food on the plates to be served....the lights went out and stayed out until 10:30pm.  We had some intense wind and it knocked the power right out!  So we really had a candle lit meal!!!  I usually like to prepare for power outages with like bottled water or putting water in the tub or something but this was such a shocker so we didn't have anything...the dishes sat in the sink all disgusting like and I found half a bottle of water that was a few days old that I managed to use for brushing our disgusting...but I can't brush my teeth without desperate times call of desperate measures!)
4.  Spring is fast approaching and I can hear the sunshine and open-toed shoes calling my name!!!
5.  God is so good and I feel so blessed in so many areas of my life!!!  I am in general very healthy, I have a wonderful husband who loves me, a family I adore, great friends, a job that I enjoy on most days, a wonderful church family and a roof over my head!  There are so many blessings and I need to take time to notice them and stop focusing on all this negativity because ultimately the negativity is not worth it!

 To commemorate my best friends visit this weekend I have posted one of my favorite photos of us...Yes...we did go jump in a river with cute umbrellas and rain-boots on! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Madness

So Monday's seem to be very difficult for many students!  They tend to get into more arguments and have problems in class.  So needless to say Mondays are always the busy sort for me!  This Monday I had quite an eventful day, one of my students was in a fight and another went home sick and then another caused lots of drama...the list goes on!  The fighting experience was interesting...I got to work with the assistant principal and watch the fight on the camera, it felt very stealth...the student had consequences and was in ISS the remainder of the day...At the end of the day there was apparently something else stirring (with the same student) and it was rumored that there would be another fight.  So that meant that I also had lots and lots of action at the end of the day as well...The solution to the fighting problem was that I would basically "stalk"  my client all the way up until it was time for the bus to come (I followed my client around incessantly not letting the client out of my sight)!  He didn't like it too much when I butted into his conversations with friends and asked what they were talking about and then proceeded to tell them not to mumble so I could hear them!  It was quite amusing!  I wonder how the rest of my week will be???  If today was any indication it will be very eventful!  :-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I think I can, I think I can...

I kinda feel like that little engine from that childrens story that says "I think I can, I think I can."  I've really struggled with getting through this week!  I've been unnaturally exhausted!  I am thinking its from that overnight activity that we had on Friday night at church!  So no sleep on Friday from 8pm-8am!  We did get a small amount of sleep on Saturday from 9am-2pm...Then Saturday night we went to this charming little restaurant with friends for Restaurant Week which was phenomenal!  After the dinner we were so tired that we came home and immediately went to bed at like 9pm and of course my internal clock is out of whack and I cannot sleep!  Once I finally fell asleep I kept having dreams...I dreamt about the overnight activity and kids not behaving, I dreamt about work and I dreamt about Fonzie being bad!  I think I woke up every half an hour with some new dream!  It was quite insane!  The same happened on Sunday night with these incessant dreams that were so life like!  (I woke up at one point flailing my arms back and forth because I was trying to pull on Fonzie's dog leash in my sleep)

Now it is not unusual for me to dream because I have had strange and wild dreams since I was a child!  I get nightmares easily and I generally dream about things that are going on in my life at the moment!  So when I was in high school I would dream about sports that I played and learning how to drive when I was getting my license.  In some of these dreams I would act things out and end up diving on my nightstand and onto the floor when "diving for a soccer ball" or hitting the back of my bed when "hitting the volleyball."  When learning how to drive I had this reoccurring nightmare of a dream every night!  I would be driving down the main street in the town I live in and there is this slightly steep hill that I would go down and stop at to get across two lanes of traffic...well in my dream my breaks would never work and I would constantly slam my foot on the break and I would be slamming my foot into the foot-board of my bed!  I would wake up all in a was not fun!  Since I've been in the counseling field and having to deal with all sorts of insanities I tend to dream about very negative things like being a drug dealer and fighting and lots of other odd things!  Needless to say I dream about some insane things and I talk in my sleep AND when really stressed I grind my teeth!  My poor husband has had to deal with the brunt of some of my dreams and I've actually done some mean things to him at night.  I do recall hitting him in the face on two occasions amongst other things!  Thankfully all these things are ONLY dreams!

"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives."  Charles William Dement

Well off to bed for hopefully a dreamless quiet refreshing nights sleep!!!  Its Friday tomorrow and the weekend is beckoning me!  Night!