Sunday, March 25, 2012


I love this little guys smile!!! This picture was taken today at church when I took him to the nursery! He didn't stay in the nursery long and got quite fretted while in there but they did get a few big smiles from him! One of which we caught on camera!

We also went to the hubby's parents tonight and the little one laughed and I mean deep belly laughed for us for like 10 minutes! Apparently their dog was super funny! And when he was laughing it made us all laugh it was too cute!

I'm currently sick and super ready to not have a sore throat/cough and I'm really tired of sounding like a man! Im also ready for the little one to start back to his normal schedule of sleeping through the night as this whole getting up every 2-3 hours if not earlier is just exhausting! Heres to hopping tonight is a better night!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4 Months Old!!!

My sweet little boy is 4 months old!!! It's hard to believe how fast time flies!!! He is already cutting a few teeth (crazy right) and changing every day! He is such a joy and blessing to us and we are so thankful for him!!! Love this little man so much!!!

Below are a few pictures from our photo shoot with my best friend Di today! Thanks to her we have all these amazingly beautiful pictures!!! She's the best!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

He Laughs

He laughs and giggles and it is the most magical sound in the ENTIRE world! It makes me smile and laugh and do whatever ridiculous thing that made him laugh over and over again!  This particular time it was blowing raspberries on his leg!  Apparently he found it quite comical!  Usually when he laughs its because I play peek-a-boo with him!  We have one of him laughing while playing peek-a-boo and when we the hubby was watching it I heard this awful noise and I was like what is that???? and it turns out that it was me talking/playing peek-a-boo with the babe! I despise the sound of my voice when I hear it over the video camera or something!  It sounds as if I have the highest pitched squeakiest voice ever and I personally would not want to spend time with me if that's really how I sound...I just hope and pray that its not how I sound because I sure feel sorry for the people that have to listen to my voice all the time!  But enough about me please feast your eyes upon this sweet little child of mine laughing and giggling and I hope it makes your day as fabulous as it made mine!!!  :-D

Oh and PS when he saw himself laughing it made him cry!  How crazy is that???

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The newest in fashion has just arrived straight off the runways of Paris and Tokyo! It's a unique style that no one saw coming! All the ladies are raving to get in on this fashionable attire! High cheekbones are out! What you need is to plump up those cheeks (the chubbier the better)! Potbellies are also in style this season and should be accompanied by cute cloth diapers! Argyle socks are also a big hit! Make sure you wear red and orange together along with some sort of pattern or design like monkeys! If you can't pull off this style it's okay but don't be jealous of those who can! It's not for everyone!!! Keep on trying out your own new looks and stay posted for some other new fashion trends!