Thursday, June 30, 2011

The past few weeks!!!

Well the past few weeks have been insane for me!  So I figured since I'm having a hard time comprehending it all that I'll just put it all out there in list format!

May 31- Sick with a cold- didn't go to work
June 3- Baby appointment heard the heart beat again!
June 3- Coordinated B's Wedding
June 11- Helped Di and J move into their new space!
June 12- Had a family reunion
June 13- Last day meeting with my client from school and worked late!
June 14- Last day of school and had to clean up my entire classroom without the help of my co-worker which I so kindly let my boss know about along with my other qualms such as tying up the work phone making personal calls for hours, arriving an hour and a half late and leaving a half an hour early daily (when he was putting that he stays all day), sitting on his buttock playing spider solitaire daily and many other things!  I really shouldn't go into a tangent about him now as it will only irritate me even more!  So needless to say he gives the good people that actually do my job a REALLY bad name! 
June 14- Helped Di make cheese balls for the wedding and went to Michales!
June 15 and 16- Spent time helping Di get everything for the wedding together and started decorating!
June 17- Manicures and Pedicures, rehearsal dinner and making corsages! 
June 18- WEDDING!!!! It was so beautiful and was the perfect day for an outdoors wedding!!!
June 18- The right side of my ribcage started hurting
June19- I felt like I'd been hit by truck!  Celebrated fathers day with Dinner at the In-Laws!
June 20- Had to complete a work day at my office!
June 21- Went to the doctor and was told that I might have a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs).
June 22- Had an ultrasound on my legs to check to make sure there were no signs of blood clots!  Everything was normal so that means I've got costochondritis or inflammation in my ribcage!
June 23- Worked in the office for a few hours!
June 24- Had a massage to help my chest- the masseuse said she could feel where my rib cage has started to expand from pregnancy and consequently its angry because it doesn't want to expand!
June 24- Helped my mom prepare food for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary!
June 25- Celebrated my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary!
June 25- Went to a graduation dinner for my hubby's brothers girlfriend!
June 25- Was going to watch a movie with the hubby and was tending to the cat and I bent down and sneezed and heard a terrible popping sound in my chest and the pain I was having was magnified by 10.  So now it hurt to just breath, or move, or do anything. 
June 26- Spent all morning in the ER because my rib cage and chest hurt so incredibly bad!  Was given meds and they took an x-ray and concluded that I've got torn cartilage in my rib cage along with the costochondritis!
June 28- Was told by my doctor not to work the remainder of the week and to just rest which is killing me because I enjoy moving about and getting things done and not just sitting on bed rest!  Thankfully I have had a few close friends come visit me and it definitely made my time of sitting at home much easier!!!

So needless to say June has been insane and I hope that July will be better for me health wise!  I loved doing all the weddings and had so much fun coordinating, decorating and doing flowers for them and I do believe I would make a great wedding planner/coordinator and should really look into that!  Maybe someday...But now that July is upon us I really need to relax and get better and take it easy!!! 

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