Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Meet Posh
When one might think of the word posh you might think of Victoria Beckham from the Spice Girls or you might think of the definition of posh which is "the quality or state of being elegant, stylish, or upper class (dictionary.com)."  However she is actually the long haired black and white, green eyed, diva that cohabitates the downstairs portion of our house with Fonzie.  She is the newest addition to our family and has a wonderful asset!  We thought of changing her name upon her arrival however the definition of posh truly fits her.  She is elegant, very stylish (pink collar with bell, perfectly groomed etc.) and is upper class as far as cats go!

This is the story about how we acquired such a dear feline!  Around a year ago my dear cat Screamer who lived at my parents house suddenly died.  He was quite a stealthy hunter and was constantly catching things at my parents house and my house (we live next door to my parents).  This was a wonderful thing and ever since his death we have had an influx of rodents.  They are quite pesky litter vermin!  The mice have been building nests in the lawn mower and in my car.  They have also been eating the hood liner out of Jon's car.  The moles have destroyed parts of our yard and continue to reek havoc on our grass!  We've tried almost every rodent repellent out there for mice including traps, poison, deterrents etc.  However they evade them all!  One of the glue traps on Jon's car had traces of a mouse stuck in it and he had chewed himself off of the trap.  It was truly insane half of the trap was gone due to him chowing down on the trap!  Needless to say we never successfully caught any mice!  One day Jon stated "whenever your cat was still alive we never had this problem, we need a cat!"  So hence the cat!  We got her from my aunt and uncle who were looking to get rid of her!  She is indoor at night and outdoor during the day!  Posh has been quite a successful little huntress herself!  In the past two weeks she has caught a mouse, a mole and a rather large lizard!  The rodents can no longer drive us insane as our trustee cat Posh has come to the rescue!  We really enjoy having her around as she is super sweet, mild mannered, puts up with the crazy dog and she hunts!  It was really a win win situation for us and we are so glad to have her!!!  If any of you all have a rodent problem I would consider getting a cat! 

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