Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beach stories

The beach is one of my all time favorite places to be!  With the sun shining down, the crashing waves all around, and smell of the salty surf in the air its just magnificent!  Beaches are one of God's most beautiful and relaxing creations that I love to visit as much as possible!  This week we are vacationing at the beach and it has already been a blissful few days!  The weather is perfect, the waves aren't too big and the sand isn't too hot!  September is such a great time to go to the beach however you do run the risk of hurricanes that time of year!  We arrived on Saturday after an excruciatingly long and uncomfortable car ride!  We are staying in a duplex house with one family staying upstairs and our family staying downstairs.  The family upstairs has three adorable little boys ages 4, 9, and 11.  They are quite hysterical especially the 4 year old!  He is one of the most talkative 4 year olds I've ever met and I truly hope our little one will be as charismatic and funny as this little cutie pie!  Every day when i see him he tells me his name and then asks mine!  I'm thinking by the end of the week he might remember my name but who knows!  He also sits and talks to me while I am lounging on the beach!  He told me stories of preschool (he bit a little girl over a ball), he tried to dig a hole to China, he played with our bocce ball set, questioned me about everyone in our party, told me about his family/pets and asked me lots of questions! 

The first day out on the beach I was sitting in my chair at the waters edge and he had just come down from the house and became very concerned because he thought my chair was sinking into the water and was getting wet.  He came rushing up "your chair, you chair, its wet, its sinking."  After I explained to him that it was okay that I wanted my chair that way he was okay with me sitting there!  After talking about my chair he pointed to my protruding belly and said "What's that? Why is your belly so fat?"  I then explained to him that I had a baby in my belly and he started laughing.  It was honestly one of the funniest conversations I've ever had! 

Today he talked to me for quite a while.  I was laying on the sand and had dug a hole for my belly to sit in so that I could lay on my stomach.  So while I was lounging he was playing with a shovel and talking to me.  After a while he asked me "Ard you naked?"  I explained to him no that I was wearing a swimming suit.  He then said "No those are underwear."  I then explained again that I was not wearing my underwear that I was wearing a swimming suit.  He then told me "I'm wearing a bimming suit too." It was so comical, and now my hubbys family thinks its so funny that he thinks that I walk around naked/in my underwear while on the beach.

These little boys certainly have made our trip pretty entertaining and fun!  The two oldest boys have thrown football with my hubby, his brother, dad and brother-in-law and then they all played bocce ball together!  Its really cute to see them all interacting with these little ones and how much they mimic and look up to them!  The middle one while playing football would mimic the older guys motions and movements.  One of them would wipe of the ball in the water so he would wipe off the ball int he water, one would rinse of his hands and then he would rinse off his hands, one would run in a pattern to catch the ball so he would run in the patter to catch the ball!  Its really cute!  It makes me smile watching them especially seeing my hubby interacting with them because it makes me even all the more anxious for our little one to get here so that we can have a little one of our own to play with! :-)  10 more weeks to go until his expected arrival and the time will fly by I'm sure!  Anyways, I'm sure I'll post some pictures soon of the sunsets and other beachy things! Hope everyone's week is as relaxing as mine!

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  1. Wow, sounds cute and definitely funny! Kat used to say "babin' suit", that always tickled me! Kids are SO comical.

    Glad you're having a great time! I'm envious. Been meanin to tell ya, love the new background.