Monday, October 3, 2011

Beach Pictures

 So I know its taken over 2 weeks for me to put up some beach pictures but here they are better late than never! It was a great week with superb weather!  I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to but here are a few of my favorites!  

 This little guy was my constant companion throughout the week.  Every time I was sitting on the beach he was out there talking to me!  He had such funny stories and asked tons of questions about everything!  He played bocce ball with us almost every time we were out there.  In the picture above he won the game and so he wanted me to take his picture!  When I said smile this is the face I got!  I'm not so sure if its a smile or a grimace or an I'm confused face! 
Here is my brother in law's girlfriend, my sister in law and my little friend D.  I love the way he has his shorts pulled up!  

 My sister in law and I out on the beach! 

 I love the late summer to go to the beach!  Its so much more serene and quiet!  It was the perfect place to have some downtime and enjoy spending time with family!  I learned how to play spades while on vacation and beat my brother in law and father in law in quite a few games of scrabble!  :)  Overall it was a great relaxing week and I'd love to go back sooner rather than later! 

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