Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Waiting game....cloth daiapers...and other shenanigans

Waiting games....I despise waiting for things.  I am not a very patient person and I am easily excited by special occasions or anything else that could be potentially exciting so this whole waiting for Parker to make his entrance into the world is really starting to irk me.  I do believe its irking me more because it seems that I'm not making any progress anymore....

At my 36 week appointment I was 50% effaced.
At my 37 week appointment I was 2 cm. dilated and 70% effaced.
At my 38 week appointment I was 2 cm. dilated and 80% effaced.
AND at my 39 week appointment I was still 2 cm. dilated and 80% change, nada, nothing, zero, zilch. At least each of the other weeks had some progress and I was moving forward but it seems I'm stuck at this stage until he decides that its time to come out!  As my dear grandmother told me on the phone yesterday "when the apple is ripe it will drop!"  So when he is ripe/ready he will come out!  So now I am just waiting for this exciting occasion and wishing it will be sooner rather than later! 

After our appointment yesterday we went to all the local stores to return some things from our baby showers!  One of those things being diapers!  It seems that I got one package of diapers in every single gift I received!  That is very nice and I am sure that most people are very excited about getting diapers however I am planning on using cloth diapers (gasp) and the disposable ones are not going to be very useful for me!  I feel like I've told almost everyone I know about using cloth diapers and how excited I am about using cloth diapers and yet I still received so many packages of disposables!  I wonder if they think I am going to change my mind? Or if they think she is the looniest chic I know and there is no way she is going to go through with this? Or if they are just like she is not thinking clearly she obviously needs a push to use disposables?  Who knows but I am of the stubborn sort and I AM going to use cloth diapers and it makes me want to use them even more when I get such odd/baffled looks from the people I tell that I am using cloth diapers!  Their guffaws just make me even more motivated to use them!  I am going to use some disposables when I am at church or I have someone else watch him because I do not think its fair for other people to have to change a cloth diaper especially when most seem so opposed to it!  BUT 90% of the time he will be in cloth diapers!  Now I really hope that since I've put this out there for the whole wide world to see that I don't eat my words! :-) 

One of the other things we returned last night was all the Johnson and Johnson baby soaps/shampoos that we received!  My mom thought this was silly as that's all most people ever use including her!  However after reading This Article about their soaps it made me think twice about using it on my baby!  Now these two cancer causing ingredients have also been found in some Aveeno products as well so I also got rid of the Aveeno products that had these bad things in it!  We decided to try Earth's Best brand so we shall see how that works out!  I've also ordered a few things that we were needing for Parker's arrival such as a baby book, a monitor, some more cloth diapers and cloth diaper detergent!  The only thing I can think of that we do need a some point is a breast pump which I am going to get from my sister in law (one of her friends is an OB nurse and can get me one from the hospital she works at!).  So I am feeling all ready to go!!!  I've ready my baby books (What to Expect When You're Expecting and Baby Wise), I've gotten everything set up and washed, I've cleaned most of the house thoroughly, I've finished a scrapbook, I've started/almost finished my Christmas shopping and now we are just waiting on Parker's arrival!!!!  Until then I will find some other things to do around the house, maybe I'll play the piano, make some cards, cook/bake, do some crafts and continue cleaning the nooks and crannies that seem to always stay dirty!  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!!!


  1. I've been thinking about you and hoping things go well! don't worry about not progressing, because those percentages tell you absolutely nothing about when you'll go into labor! I got checked for the first time at 40 weeks 4 days. I was 2-3cm dilated and 70% effaced, and I went into labor the very next morning. So it could happen anytime. :) Can't wait to hear!

  2. Do I sense some disposable diaper hostility there? LOL. Sorry I couldn't be at the shower and I have your gifts BUT, since I am in maniac mode and find mere minutes to spare a rarity these days, there are a couple of things that need to be finished (GASP!). Hope your labor & deliver are quick and almost painless (that is somewhat possible depending on your level of pain tolerance.) Prayin for you mama!