Friday, June 8, 2012


The little one loves loves loves the water!!! He loves to kick and splash and is super content while in the water! We went swimming for the first time on memorial day and then this week I got a call about starting swimming lessons and they are for four weeks every Tuesday and Thursday and he loves them! We've been twice and it's a mommy and me swimming class! We sing songs, blow bubbles, practice kicking and other very basic things and it's just so much fun!!! There are three other babies in the class with him and let me tell you two of these babes are ├╝ber talented!!! They have been taking the class for over a year and both just turned two years old and they can swim down to the bottom of the pool pick up toys and swim across small sections of the pool! It's phenomenal to watch such little babies swimming! That is sooooo going to be my child some day!!! I'm starting him so early so that he will be used to the water and so that he will hopefully start swimming early like these other little tikes! But it's super fun and I'm enjoying getting to spend a little time in the water myself!!! :) so excited that summer is here and that we can now go to the pool more whenever we want!!! Wooo hooo for summer!!!!

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