Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grocery shopping

I went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time since December 17th!!! Thats crazy! I made it almost a whole month without grocery shopping and could have lasted longer however we are started a detox diet thing where we only eat fresh produce and such and well after almost a month of not grocery shopping well you don'y really have anything fresh! So I went and bought lot and lots of fresh food for the next week or two!

I do believe we could have eaten off of what is in our pantry and freezer for at least another month or two! It just shows how much excess we have!  I have more food than necessary and yet I continually go grocery shopping every week! It's kind of insane! I need to become more organized and create meal plans for the week and only buy the absolute necessities and I feel like then when I go to the grocery store maybe I won't buy everything I see on the shelves!

Think I'll go Pinteresting to see if I can come up with a creative solution for my meal plan delima!
Happy Sunday!!!

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