Thursday, January 10, 2013

Its been a while

Its been a while since I frequented my blog...I do however frequently write lovely eloquent and amusing blog posts whilst trying to fall asleep however they never do seem to make it into the blogosphere. However tonight I've made time and this post will be neither lovely, eloquent or will be more of a rant I suppose so if your not into ranting today don't read it! :)

I read a post on Natural News that was...interesting...a bit conspiratorial...but I wasn't really interested in the conspirasy theories this man had I was however interested in the list of school shootings that are tied to psychotropic drugs that was on there.  Since I worked in the counseling field and saw some of the very negative effects of these psychotropic drugs (I did however see some positive effects of them as well).  I do not think that I would EVER put my child on these medications due to the negative effects that I've seen.  The reason this list is so intriguing to me is I'd love to see what kind of background these adolescents had. I'd love love love to do one of my 2-3 hour long intakes on these kids and their families to find out all about their lives...what kind of parents did they have, did they come from split homes, were they involved in church?  What kind of toddler were they? How did they act as a child? When did problems start arrising?  What were the parents first steps in dealing with the list of questions would go on and on and on...(I am a questioner by nature if you havent figured that out already)

I feel like we have a lot to learn from the Amish and Menonites you don't see any of them going out on shooting sprees, using psychotropic medications (or even having the need to use psychotropic medications), and their children grow up to be respectable people. What is it that they are doing? 

I also feel like parents have a lot to do with the way their children are behaving these days.  The television and video games have become the babysitter.  Church and God have completely been taken out of the picture. They expect society to raise them instead of stepping up and raising their own children.  It is just scary to me how some parents choose to parent their children and then our societ is dealing with the product of their poor parenting skills.  I am not saying that all the parents of those adolesents were terrible parents but it just makes me wonder would it have turned out differently if they had different parents, hadnt been on psychotropic medications or had been heavily involved in church and learning about God? I would like think yes especially to the last one!

When I was working in the counseling field I had one specific family that I worked with where the poor parenting was just passed down from generation to generation.  The mother was raised by abusive druggies, and she became a non-caring druggie and raised a rapist, a gang member/drugie. How can a cycle like that be broken?  After I started working with them the mother became clean and started to turn her life around but her children were older adolesents and didn't care or ever try to change their behaviors.  It infurated me working with them because it seemed like an endless cycle that cannot be broken and it was part of what started to burn me out, working with families that are not willing to change.  I did work with a few awesome kids that I feel like will make something of themselves but the majority of the kids I worked with I felt like would just create another generation of beligerent, non-caring, defiant children.

I know that this blog post is not making the most sense and I'm beginning to ramble and become more and more blah....some day maybe I will collect my thoughts and post things that make more sense....or that are nice and fun to read but I've been in a funk and this is what I'm choosing to say I just need to get it off my chest! I know that I need to focus on me and my family and how my husband and I are going to raise our children so that they will not be a menace to society and I know we need to do that through Christ as the center of our lives! There's no other way to do it!

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  1. I've been really bad about blogging also (and keeping up with others' blogs) so I just noticed this post. I completely agree with what you're saying. It's so true how society just doesn't give a crap anymore. People have babies and don't even try to raise them to be loving, respectful citizens. It's disgusting. Since the government wants to control everything yet let certain choices be freely made, there should be classes and a license in order to reproduce human life. That's me ranting and it's not logical but sometimes I think there are people who just shouldn't have babies period.