Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Fonz

So last weekend I took my dear doggie to get a haircut!  He was getting quite...gross.  Haircuts are quite an ordeal for him and leave him utterly exhausted!  Its usually a 5 hour process!  We drive for 30 minutes to the PetSmart.  He despises this part because usually he rides on my lap when Jon drives but since I was driving he rode on the passenger himself (I might add that he was very verbal on the way there because he is so unhappy that he has to sit by himself).  After arriving at PetSmart it usually takes between 3 and 4 hours!  This particular day it took 4 hours!  After picking him up he again sits in the passenger seat but this time he was so incredibly tired he just curled up and slept the entire 30 minutes back home!  After getting home he napped all evening!  He's certainly all tuckered out!  At least he actually looks white again!  Thankfully he only needs haircuts every 3 months! 

 How can that be comfortable?
  Sooo sleepy!

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