Monday, April 25, 2011

My Long Weekend

My weekend officially started on Wednesday at 3:00pm! 
Spring Break for those in the school system!  So we had off Thursday, Friday and Monday!  So five whole days to sleep in, organize, socialize, and get tons accomplished!!!  Thursday I spring cleaned my house!  It was in dire need of some tlc!  I even paid my lovely grandma come help so we had two people cleaning cleaning cleaning!  I washed windows, cleaned up the kitchen, wiped down walls and tons of other things!  All in all it was very productive!!!  Friday I spent my morning working with my new client at work and then spent the afternoon baking in preparation for Di's Bridal Shower!  Friday evening we had dinner with my parents, then finally got my new table upstairs (thank you Wes for buffing it!!!), and then went to buy birthday gifts for my dad and my hubby's dad!

Saturday was so splendid!  Di's Bridal shower was excellent and she got tons of great gifts to start out their new life together!!!  On Saturday evening we celebrated birthdays (my dad and Jon's mom have the same birthday and Jon's dad's birthday was the week before) so we did a big family dinner and had cake!  It was really nice!  On Sunday we had Easter Service at church and then had lunch at my aunt and uncles and dinner at Jon's parents!  It was great day and oh so glorious weather!  That brings me to today where I am doing absolutely positively nothing!  I wanted at least one day to relax before getting back into the hustle and bustle of work!  I've done pretty good job of relaxing today...I slept in, watched a movie, took the hubby lunch, read, blogged...and eventually I will get up and attempt to make something for dinner!  I truly dread going back to work as its been so nice to have a few days off!  I just have to think to my self 6 1/2 weeks to go...6 1/2 weeks to go.... 6 1/2 weeks to go!!!  I can do summer will be here before we know it!!!

 My new table and chairs!!

 The Spread!!!

 Raspberry Brownie Kabobs!

 Cucumber Dill Sandwiches

Peacock cake!!! It was chocolate filled with raspberry filling!!! So Yummy!!!
(A lady at my church made this!!!)

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  1. LOVE the table and yummies! and the cake is gorgeous!