Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeling Ready

So as the time is quickly approaching that Parker will make his entrance into this world I am beginning to actually feel somewhat ready.  I have my bag all packed and ready to go to the hospital and I have most of his things all packed as well.  There are still a few small things I need to put in our bags but for the most part we could leave with what is in there and be perfectly fine!  I would like to get him a cute going home outfit but if that doesn't happen then there are outfits at the house I can take!  Also the nursery is feeling ready as well!  We have a glider now and the room is organized, his outfits are washed and everything is in order!  Its getting so exciting!!! 

Despite the excitement I am still scared out of my mind at having a newborn!!!!!!  I am just so nervous I won't do something right or that I will drop him or something horrific like that!  I also think I am going to be so paranoid with other people wanting to hold him and being afraid that they will drop him...how do all you other mothers out there deal with these anxieties or am I the only one having these thoughts???  I know these thoughts are realistic and that babies are more resilient than we give them credit for but I'm still paranoid about it!!! 

The past few weeks have been such great fun spending time with family and friends!  Last Saturday my family threw me a baby shower and this Saturday my friends Di and Laurie are throwing me a baby shower!  I almost started crying at the first shower because I felt so loved and overwhelmed by all the sweet gifts!  (Crying is very uncharacteristic of me but these pregnancy hormones have me all out of whack)  And two Saturday's ago I spent the day with my best friend Di and we went to an arts and crafts festival at a local town and it was so much fun!  They had so many unique booths with so much talent there!  It was amazing to see!  Afterward we went to a park and took some pictures of me to document this pregnancy journey!  She has such an eye for the artistic and she did a wonderful job at taking the photos!!! I love them all!!!  Here are a few of my favorites below (these pictures were taken at 33 weeks)!!! Enjoy and hope everyone has a great week!!!


  1. dana! you look so incredibly beautiful! i adore that last picture. and although not a mom, I'm sure you are completely normal :) can't wait to see you tomorrow. love and hugs

  2. Very normal thoughts you are having, but I promise you will make a perfect mommy for Parker. He's a lucky little boy. You are looking great! I also like the last picture a lot. Hope to see you soon!