Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Forgetfulness seems to be a constant thing for me these days. I feel as though I cannot remember what I was doing even 5 minutes ago. Maybe someone took my brain and replaced it with chocolate cake or pie or something? I don't think that's possible but it sure feels like it! The thing that I've forgotten that has bugged me the most's gone...vanished...misplaced...somewhere that I cannot seem to find! The problem with the watch being gone is that on Friday I did a super major deep cleaning/organization of my house and bedroom. That means I cleaned off my dresser where I keep my jewelry and my watch. This dresser also collects numerous other things including stray books, lotions, makeup, jewelry, hair accessories, random things from my pocket, papers that just seem to collect there...etc. It's a catch all in my room. So I completely cleaned it off, organized it and put things in specific places. All the jewelry is put away, the lotions are in a basket, the papers have been thrown away or put in their proper place, the hair accessories have a drawer, everything is in it's proper place! It looks great and I feel great about getting it done! So here is my delima...I remember telling myself "I am going to put my watch here so I remember where it is." AND I NOW HAVE NOOOO CLUE WHERE "HERE" IS? This is really frustrating me to no end. I searched the entire dresser and it's nowhere. But I know that I put it somewhere specific if I could only remember where that is..... I have been without a watch now for 5 days and I feel as though I've lost one of my limbs or something else really important that you should not lose.  I am just hoping that it turns up soon...Ughhhh the perils of pregnancy!!!!


  1. That's such a bummer Dana! Hope you find it soon. :) I'm laughing because I feel the same way if I don't have my watch! I'm too much of a time/schedule person I guess. The photos in the previous post are great by the way. :)

  2. I hate to put a damper on things but, after children...
    it. only. gets. worse.

    It's OK though, cheer up, you'll get used to it after a while. Keeping organized is key! You'll live, we all do :)

    And hopefully you left your watch at someone else's house. Ask Charlie about the places where he's found the phone. Ha!

    Haev a great trip!