Sunday, March 25, 2012


I love this little guys smile!!! This picture was taken today at church when I took him to the nursery! He didn't stay in the nursery long and got quite fretted while in there but they did get a few big smiles from him! One of which we caught on camera!

We also went to the hubby's parents tonight and the little one laughed and I mean deep belly laughed for us for like 10 minutes! Apparently their dog was super funny! And when he was laughing it made us all laugh it was too cute!

I'm currently sick and super ready to not have a sore throat/cough and I'm really tired of sounding like a man! Im also ready for the little one to start back to his normal schedule of sleeping through the night as this whole getting up every 2-3 hours if not earlier is just exhausting! Heres to hopping tonight is a better night!!!

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