Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The newest in fashion has just arrived straight off the runways of Paris and Tokyo! It's a unique style that no one saw coming! All the ladies are raving to get in on this fashionable attire! High cheekbones are out! What you need is to plump up those cheeks (the chubbier the better)! Potbellies are also in style this season and should be accompanied by cute cloth diapers! Argyle socks are also a big hit! Make sure you wear red and orange together along with some sort of pattern or design like monkeys! If you can't pull off this style it's okay but don't be jealous of those who can! It's not for everyone!!! Keep on trying out your own new looks and stay posted for some other new fashion trends!


  1. I never thought I'd be in love with a short, fat man wearing the worst funky fashions ever and claiming the worst temper south of Jersey!

  2. I swear, top him with whipped cream and a cherry and you could eat him with a spoon! He's SO cute! (I just had to leave a second comment, he deserves it, argyle socks and all.)