Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Madness

So Monday's seem to be very difficult for many students!  They tend to get into more arguments and have problems in class.  So needless to say Mondays are always the busy sort for me!  This Monday I had quite an eventful day, one of my students was in a fight and another went home sick and then another caused lots of drama...the list goes on!  The fighting experience was interesting...I got to work with the assistant principal and watch the fight on the camera, it felt very stealth...the student had consequences and was in ISS the remainder of the day...At the end of the day there was apparently something else stirring (with the same student) and it was rumored that there would be another fight.  So that meant that I also had lots and lots of action at the end of the day as well...The solution to the fighting problem was that I would basically "stalk"  my client all the way up until it was time for the bus to come (I followed my client around incessantly not letting the client out of my sight)!  He didn't like it too much when I butted into his conversations with friends and asked what they were talking about and then proceeded to tell them not to mumble so I could hear them!  It was quite amusing!  I wonder how the rest of my week will be???  If today was any indication it will be very eventful!  :-)

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