Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking to the positives...

So I've been quite negative for the past few days and negativity doesn't suit my persona very much!  So I am going to try to overcome that negativity with five positive things about this week!!!

1.  I went to a marriage conference this past weekend at my church and it was phenomenal!!!!  It was called The Art of Marriage and was hosted by Family Life!  It was truly a wonderful experience and I feel that my marriage really benefited from going!  Not only did I learn a lot about marriage, I felt that I was able to connect more with my hubby on a more intimate and spiritual level!  It was really great!!! 
2.  My best friend Di is coming to town on Friday night and I could literally squeal I am so overwhelmed with excitement!!!  We are going to be doing all the things that I absolutely love....crafts (making wedding invitations), wedding related stuff (looking at flowers), chatting about anything and everything, getting amazing coffee and maybe taking some pictures!!!  Its going to be so much fun!!! EEK!!!
3.  We are celebrating Valentines Day on Friday night and are going out for dinner with another couple!  I get to dress up and wear my cute red silk dress!
        (As a side note we did celebrate Valentines Day by ourselves on Monday night and the hubby brought me home a dozen red roses and I made him a wonderful home cooked meal of Chicken Cordon Bleu, white rice, a cream sauce, green beans, and rolls!  I was hoping for a nice romantic meal and I even thought about lighting some candles however while I was putting the food on the plates to be served....the lights went out and stayed out until 10:30pm.  We had some intense wind and it knocked the power right out!  So we really had a candle lit meal!!!  I usually like to prepare for power outages with like bottled water or putting water in the tub or something but this was such a shocker so we didn't have anything...the dishes sat in the sink all disgusting like and I found half a bottle of water that was a few days old that I managed to use for brushing our disgusting...but I can't brush my teeth without desperate times call of desperate measures!)
4.  Spring is fast approaching and I can hear the sunshine and open-toed shoes calling my name!!!
5.  God is so good and I feel so blessed in so many areas of my life!!!  I am in general very healthy, I have a wonderful husband who loves me, a family I adore, great friends, a job that I enjoy on most days, a wonderful church family and a roof over my head!  There are so many blessings and I need to take time to notice them and stop focusing on all this negativity because ultimately the negativity is not worth it!

 To commemorate my best friends visit this weekend I have posted one of my favorite photos of us...Yes...we did go jump in a river with cute umbrellas and rain-boots on! 

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  1. I can relate to the negativity. I am cleaning house today and I feel the piano being lifted off of my back. Clutter gets me down and seeing as we weren't home at all last weekend, (OK, other than to snooze and be out the door early each morning, then gone all day, NOTHING GOT DONE.)

    I'm feeling positive today though. I even found some sewing tutorials that I'm excited to get started on, once I shop for fabric, of course. We are celebrating Valentine's on Friday too! Monday, C stayed home and ran my usual errands and then we lounged the ENTIRE day b/c of my headache but, it was still a good day.

    Love, LOVE the photo! Too cute!