Friday, January 20, 2012

Let the Challenge Begin

Let the challenge begin. My hubby and I decided to challenge each other on losing weight. It was my idea....I am beginning to rethink this idea but it was my idea nonetheless. We decided that whoever loses 10 pounds first would win... Bragging rights! The challenge started Monday. We are eating healthy, attempting to exercise and doing all those things that people who are trying to lose weight do. My hubby and I are very competitive when it comes to doing anything against one another. Whenever we play monopoly or any other board game we are very competitive and always talk smack to one another. We have had some very intense games of Monopoly, video games, bowling, anything that requires a competition. In general we are just very competitive people when playing against one another. So this weight loss challenge was designed to help us lose weight by tapping into our inner competitive spirit to make us work really hard. This is also enticing me to eat healthier and to exercise more, things that I wouldn't normally do if I were trying to beat him! I've been cooking healthy dinners including chicken, veggies and rice, homemade chicken noodle soup and enchiladas. I've also been craving sweets so I had to come up with something sweet I could eat that was relatively healthy! So I made Black Bean Brownies! Yeah I know sounds absurd and quite disgusting but I loved them and they were amazing!!! I had numerous people try them and they honestly had no idea they were made with black beans and that they didn't have any flour in them! I even got surprisingly good reviews from my dad who is as much of a dessert lover as I am! And how many brownies can you eat and say that they had fiber in them??? Anyways maybe I'll post the recipe next week for all you adventurous people who would try black bean brownies!!! I highly doubt that I will beat Jonathan in our challenge but eating better and making better lifestyle choices (for the time being) is a good idea whether I win or lose!

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