Monday, February 6, 2012

Things you should know!

1. Spit up has become a part of my daily wardrobe! I wear it proudly and with great style! Some days I wear it on my shirt which is the usual place people wear spit up, other days I wear it on my pants and then on really good days I wear it in my freshly washed hair! It goes best in the freshly washed hair!

2. I have 3 more pounds to go in my weight loss challenge against the hubby! We are pretty close and he only has 3 to go too!!! I'm struggling with wanting to devour every piece of sugar in our house!!!

3. I am doing this great devotional/workbook and I I've already learned a ton of things!!!

4. I learned you can make a chai at home for quite a minimal amount of money compared to buying one at Starbucks or some other coffee hut! Which I'm super excited about!!! It doesn't taste exactly like it but it's close enough for me! I bought Tazo Organic Chai tea bags (20 bags for $3.99) and brewed the tea into 6oz of milk & 2oz of water! I added some vanilla creamer and a bit of sugar and voila....a cheapskates version of a chia latte!

5. My little...large munchkin has outgrown almost all of his 3 month things and fits into all of his 6 month things!!! Ahhhh so crazy how big he's getting!!!

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