Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Worst Chicken Pot Pie....EVER

I like to think that I USUALLY make a pretty mean chicken pot pie! It can hold its own with some of the best in my opinion! It's also super pretty with a lovely crust and the veggies and chicken peeping through! It looks like a real pie with two homemade crusts and lots of veggies and chicken! I love it and enjoy making it, however when we were having lovely meals brought to us by our awesome family and friends when the little mister arrived one of them was a turkey pot pie! It was really good and the hubby exclaimed that he liked that this chicken pot pie had more gravy and just one thicker top crust! So with that being said I should have asked for the recipe and saved myself the trouble of messing up what could have been a good chicken pot pie!

One of my biggest mistakes was that I should have cooked my potatoes before putting them in! Everything else was pre cooked so why did I not pre cook them??? I have no just didn't even dawn on me to cook them first! Secondly do not...I repeat...DO NOT put cinnamon in your chicken pot pie! It tastes TERRIBLE!!! Why did you even put cinnamon in the pot pie you ask? Well that is a fabulous question...see the cinnamon is beside the cumin in the spice drawer and I was going to add a hearty few dashes of cumin which we love on chicken and instead I grabbed the cinnamon and gave numerous hearty dashes of cinnamon! I mixed it all up, took a huge whiff and scrunched up my nose (cause you know I do that frequently)... What was that I thought to myself why does my chicken pot pie mixtures smell of cinnamon??? So to try to correct my horrid mistake I added in cumin and a few other savory spices to "help it out!" It didn't work!

Then I decide that since the baby needed to eat and I didn't have time to make a thick flaky crust i would use some pre made crescent rolls and just roll them out on top! That way it would be thick and flaky and taste like crescent rolls mixed with chicken pot pie! Well I didn't realize that the crescent rolls would cook so beautifully on top and then be gooey and uncooked on the bottom!!!!

So I had uncooked potatoes, a nasty savory-cinnamon gravy and a gooey crescent roll top!!!! So it was terrible!! Next time I'll either get the real recipe or stick to old faithful....why fix what isn't broken right??? Oh well better luck next time!!!

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