Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodbye Glasses

So today is the day, I will be getting Lasik in like 2.5 hours!  I've really been trying to avoid thinking about the topic so that I don't get nervous or overwhelmed!  However I am really excited about the prospects of not having to wear glasses anymore!  There are a few things that I might miss about glasses but there are a whole lot of things that I will not miss!

Things I will miss about glasses:
1.  I look studious
2.  People seem to take me more seriously

Things I will not miss about glasses:
1.  The way they fog up every time you open the oven door!
2.  The way the fall off your face when you exercise!
3.  Having to put them on in the middle of the night so I won't fall
4.  You cannot wear incredibly huge cute sunglasses
5.  They leave indentations on your nose!

AND I'm sure I could come up with many more things but I will spare you!  Needless to say I am really excited about the idea of no more glasses!!!  I have been wearing glasses since first grade and I started consistently wearing contacts in sixth grade!  For the past 3-4 weeks have I had my glasses on and that's only because with the Lasik surgery you have to have your contacts out ahead of time to give your eyes time to adjust or something!  When I told my kids at work that I was getting the surgery at least three told me that I would look weird without glasses...this is really funny to me because for the past five months I've been working with them and they've only seen me in glasses this past month!  So I guess they just forgot what I look like without glasses?  I've also had three or four other people tell me that it will be so different to see me without my glasses!  I guess people are not very observant and they only remember how you look when you are with them?  who knows!  Wellll the next time I write I will hopefully be glasses/complications free! woo hoo!!!  Ta ta for now!

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