Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can see!

My surgery went really great and I see can quite well!  It is truly amazing the way technology works!  Right after my surgery I could see almost perfect I was just super tired!  Afert a 3 hour nap I was able to stay awake and hang out with the hubby for a while before going back to sleep!  So the next day after my surgery I had a headache but other than that I was great!  My eyes were feeling good and I was seeing really great!  I had an eye appointment with my regular eye doctor and he gave me the report that everything looked awesome and I was seeing better than he expected considering how bad my eyes previously were!  I have to put eye drops in my eyes frequently to help them stay lubricated and to rid my eye of any infections until they completely heal!  They cannot get water in them so I have to wear goggles in the shower and I cannot rub my eyes so I have to also wear these special goggles to sleep in (I've woken up twice now with my goggles off my face and in my hands)!  The goggles are pretty ridiculous looking and I wake up looking a fool every morning but it is quite worth it to not have contacts or glasses anymore.  Sometimes in the evenings my eyes get tired and I want to go "take out my contacts" because I was so used to doing that!  It was definitly an amazing procedure and I am happy I got it done! 

As a side note the doctor who did my surgery told me "Most young women tend to freak out when getting this procedure so remain calm at all times and if you start to get anxious or freak out remember I'll be walking you through it the whole time."  This really irritated me for some reason and I was determined to be the calmest patient he's ever had and I think I succeeded.  Woo Hoo! 

Here's a preview of my lovely goggles I get to wear to bed every night for the next two weeks! 

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  1. hahaha hootttt! "Most young women" -- glad you showed him a true woman! :D