Wednesday, January 19, 2011

O Wednesday, Wednesday! Wherefore art thou Wednesday?

Today was slightly better than Monday!  I only got cursed out twice...and it was by the same student so maybe that only counts as once?  This particular student was fussy because the school, his mother and I wouldn't allow him to go home because he was "sick."  Don't get me wrong when you really are sick, yes you do need to go home...however when you get "sick" two to three times a week EVERY week then its really just a ploy to get out of school...I proceeded to tell him to suck it up and stick it that's why he cursed me out... oh well, c'est la vie can't please everyone!  Another one of my students told me again for the 2nd time that I dress like a hillbilly.  Personally I've never seen a hillbilly wear dress pants, a collared shirt and a cardigan...but I guess I am really out of touch with the "hillbilly" attire these days.    

I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm getting Lasik Eye Surgery, and I was super excited and I guess I still am but I'm slightly nervous too.  After reading all the associated "risks and complications" of the surgery then you would be nervous too!  The two biggest "risks" I was super concerned about were all or partial blindness and ........death. I wasn't tooo sure how I felt about the surgery after reading those however I went for the pre-op and now I feel better.  First my regular eye dr. told me there was more of a chance that I would physically be hit by a car than either one of those happen (what a great analogy) and then today the Lasik Dr. told me that there haven't ever been any cases in the USA where anyone has had complete blindness or death!  So that's a much more comforting statistic.  The Dr. I'm using has performed over 50,000 Lasik surgeries so I would think that he's pretty experienced!!!  (OH and before going to my pre-op one of the history teachers at school told me "You'll be fine! Just remember one of the ancient civilizations started performing cataract surgeries with rocks so I'm sure the laser is much safer.")  Cracked me up but at least I feel much more confident and comfortable with the surgery!!! 

After the pre-op, Jon and I went to look at a truck load of broken computers that he contemplated buying.  Another craigslist find!  They were selling the whole lot for 200 and the add said negotiable.  So he looked and found 7 that he thought he could fix and that he wanted and offered the guy half of the money because he was taking less than half of the stuff.  The guy said no he would only take 200 for the 7 items EVEN THOUGH he had on their negotiable and he was only wanted half the stuff?  How is that negotiable...and if you really aren't negotiable then don't say that you are!  How strange, you sure do get some odd balls on craigslist! Needless to say he didn't get the computer stuff.  After the computer adventure we went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant and it was fabulous!!!!  We love love love that place and cannot get enough of it AND the combination dinners are cheaper on Tuesday and Wednesday nights after 6!  So woo hoo!  To end the night I gave Fonzie a bath and blow dried him and now he is incredibly tired and angry with me...Thankfully he is quick to forgive and forget! :-) 

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  1. First off, I don't think you look at ALL like a hillbilly! I love your style, I wish I were more trendy like you and could learn to accessorize. BTW, your mom says she can assist in that accessorizing department and I trust her b/c she's so cute too.

    You guys and craigslist are doing pretty well, minus the computers, of course. You'll have to post a pic of the table you got some time.

    One of Kat's friend's mother (wow) is an eye doctor and says the lasik is a breeze. Plus, one of the dentists I worked for had it done and he said, "Piece of cake." So, I'm sure you'll be fine!

    Have to give me the name of that Mexican restaurant. My fave...El Agave. Oh, before I leave...yes, my head is fine now. I went to bed with it still pounding away but, it was gone when I awoke, so thanks for your prayer! I'll be praying for you and your lasik!