Friday, January 28, 2011

What a relaxing week!

I had one of the most relaxing weeks I've ever had while being a working girl!  I had my Lasik Monday afternoon so I didn't go to work.  On Tuesday I had my Lasik appointment and lunch with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law!  Wednesday we had work however we got out two hours early due to snow/hail/sleet/ice stuff.  On Thursday school was canceled all together due to the weather and today we didn't have school because it is between semesters and it was a teacher work day!  So I worked a total of 6 hours this week!  Wowzers!!!  Thursday was quite an exceptional day I got 12 hours of sleep, lounged around with the pup, did a little baking, played the piano and visited with some friends that evening!  It was great!!! 

Fonzie loves to sleep in the sun!!!
 I absolutely love his under-bite!!!  :-)
Today I went to a neighboring town and got some chairs off craigslist for my new craigslist table!!!  They are super comfortable and I got eight of them, so now when I have large groups of people over for dinner not only will I have a large enough table but I will have matching chairs for least eight people!!!  I'm super excited about it!!! 
Here is a picture of one chair and the table!  The table still needs to be finished so I will post more pictures of them together when the table is complete!!!

Tonight we are having a lock-in at our church for the 7th-12th graders!!!  It should be quite an interesting time!!!  We have lots and lots of hilarious activities planned along with a great inspirational video called Indescribable by Louie Giglio, fun games, great snacks, a message, singing and lots of other fun things!!! The only thing I am not looking forward to is not getting any sleep!!! Thankfully I've had such a relaxing week I should be caught up on sleep!!!  My poor hubby on the other hand has had to work everyday (except Wednesday when he had jury duty...which was longer than his regular work day and quite odd) so he will be really really tired come 8:00 on Saturday morning!!!!  My favorite activity is the one we have planned for the girls!  We are splitting into groups and the guys are doing something and then the girls are going to watch a "fashion show" that we the leaders are putting on!  It should be super funny!  We are dressing up in ridiculous looking outfits and strutting our stuff just to make the girls laugh!  I think they will really enjoy it and our pride is a small price to pay to see all of their smiling faces!!!  MAYBE I'll post some pictures of our great outfits!!! 

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