Thursday, January 13, 2011


Jazzercise.  Yes I admit that I go to Jazzercise classes....and I know what your thinking.... "thats for old women with poofy hair, spandex, leg warmers and classic reebok tennis shoes."  AND some of that my still be true but I've really enjoyed it.  I was very resistant to Jazzercise classes, my mom encouraged me to attend with her for around six months before I actually decided to try it.  When I decided to try it I was feeling pretty desperate.  I was getting ready to go on a cruise and I hadn't exercised regularly in probably 3 years AND things jiggled that previously didn't when I used to exercise....So at my low I begrudgingly agreed to attend with her in late July 2010.  I had no intention of liking it or ever going back but I agreed to go one to get her off my back about going with her and two I really just don't enjoy exercising unless it involves a pool or a volleyball court!  In all reality I loath exercising...I find going to the dentist and getting cavities filled without any Novocain more fulfilling than running or any other strenuous forms of exercise. 

I went to Jazzercise and found out amazingly that I loved it.  This is a big deal...the person who hates exercising actually enjoying it and continuing to go and its now January 2011!  I am proudly the youngest person there and I am in fact the most uncoordinated.  I look like a flamingo on ecstasy.  I flail my arms and legs, I have trouble following the routines and once I've finally mastered something they move onto another move and the whole process starts over again.  I also turn the brightest shade of red you've ever seen on a human.  I'm talking sunburn red the entire time I'm working out!  It's so much fun and I really do get a great workout.  I come home so utterly exhausted and I am sore for days.  All in all it really is a great time.  Tonight I went to class and afterward this lady probably in her early 50's asked me if I wanted a coupon for 12 free days of Jazzercise to give to a friend to come with me...I'm thinking she asked me because one she felt sorry for me that I am the youngest person there or two she wants my friends to witness how ridiculous I look amid all these older ladies?  I don't know but I sure did take the coupon and am going to have to find a friend! 

I am truly amazed by the Jazzercise instructor.  Shes phenomenal.  She can workout, dance, stand on her head and talk all at the same time while not even messing up her hair or turning red in the face!  Not fair.  She never sounds winded, comes to class every day, never takes a day off, and even jazzes when sick!  I would never make a good instructor as I get winded after the first song and I am not that dedicated!   

After class I decided that I worked so incredibly hard that I would waste it by drinking a large banana milkshake!  At least it did have banana in it which is healthy and will help with charley horses, which I happen to get nightly!  At least it was a pretty great end to a rather un-great day!  :-) Having hopefully thoughts that tomorrow at work will be better than today!  (More about the work week later)
"Aerobics:  a series of strenuous exercises which help convert fats, sugars, and starches into aches, pains, and cramps.  ~Author Unknown"


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  1. Your description of Jazzercise is hilarious! I am sooo uncoordinated when it comes to dancing and such! One day, I'll get up the nerve to join you and try. TRY being the key word there!