Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What would possess someone to urinate on a window?

Needless to say that was the question that has plagued me all weekend...Monday...Tuesday....and today.  I guess I should first start off by telling you that this is what I dealt with last week at work.  One of the lovely students that I work with decided to urinate on a front of his peers...who told on him.  So he was suspended for quite a while...But it has really been bugging me What would possess someone to urinate on a window?  Is there some sort of self satisfaction in it?  and Why a window?   How gross!!!! ugh! AND this student is definitely old enough to  know that this behaviors is...unacceptable at school...

So this is how the events happened....
1.  Student urinates on window.
2.  Peers laugh hysterically and think oh my stars he is nuts.
3.  Peers then tell on said student.
4.  Student gets questioned by Assistant Principal.
5.  Student lies and denies ever doing such atrocious acts.
6.  Principal comes in and gives said student a chance to clear his name and to be honest and he said that if he figures out who did "it" then the incident would not be turned over to the police.
7.  Student then decides to be honest and he admits it.
8.  Student gets suspended for days and days...

This was my first experience dealing with a student who urinated on a window and I truly hope it shall be my last. can't fix crazy.

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  1. OK so I am not good at commenting on blogger. I usually just read, think, and move on. However--peeing on window!? RIDICULOUS! Just wanted you to know I am reading :)

    ps: I'll try to get better at commenting.. on all the blogs I read.